• Art Market Photos


    Art Market Photos

    In the heart of Taos’ historic district, the charming gift shop Taxonomy transformed into a vibrant hub of creativity for a special weekend event: the Queer Art Market. The shop, known for its eclectic collection of local crafts and unique finds, buzzed with excitement as artisans and visitors gathered to celebrate the creative community. The…

  • Queer Art Market


    Queer Art Market

    The Taos Queer Art Market recently took place at the Taxonomy store, nestled in the heart of the Taos Historic District. This unique event celebrated the creativity and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, bringing together a wide array of talented makers and artists. Located at 102 Dona Luz, the Taxonomy store is a treasure trove…

  • Roller Disco


    Roller Disco

    Remember the fun of strapping on some roller skates and launching yourself into the mix at the local rink? Now is your opportunity to relive those nights of magic. This year for Pride we will be taking over the Youth and Family center’s roller rink and turn it into a disco scene. The mirror ball…

  • Drag Out and Dance


    Drag Out and Dance

    Last year for Pride we invited Donnie Chalepah to Taos to DJ for our Gayest Drag Show Ever! He did an amazing job and really enjoyed himself. For the last several months he has been itching to get back to Taos to visit his new friends. We are thrilled to welcome him back to the…

  • Gayest Bake Sale 2022!


    Gayest Bake Sale 2022!

    Gayest Bake Sale Ever!! This event is a celebration of the brightest and boldest baked goods in Taos. Please drop off your goodies at Cid’s Food Market any time between 9am and 1pm on Friday, June 3.  We welcome your fabulous cookies, cakes, pies, candies, jams, granola, bread, cinnamon rolls, donuts, the skies the limit!!! Individually wrapped and bagged items are encouraged…

  • Taos Pride Events 2021


    Taos Pride Events 2021

    After a pandemic inspired-hiatus in 2020, Taos Pride is back to present some of the gayest events ever in Taos.  In 2010, Gay Pride Taos founder Robert Quintana wanted to bring a real sense of gay celebration and joy to his hometown. While 2020 would have marked the 10th anniversary of the modern LGBTQIA+ celebrations…

  • Short Film Festival Selections


    Short Film Festival Selections

    Films selected for the 2021 Taos Pride Short Film Festival HUGO : 6:30      Queer Drama ComedyHugo, a young actor is asked to improvise narrating a story where he’s the actor and director at an audition. He unfolds a tale that explores sex, disease, and self-emancipation. EVERYONE HAS MY JACKETQueer Biography Animation“One of us has to change‚”…

  • Land of Enchantment


    Land of Enchantment

    New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, is a distinctive state in the Southwest. Initially a Spanish colony after conquistadors arrived in the 16th century, then a Mexican colony till the Mexican-American War of the 1840s, after which an American territory until New Mexico attained statehood in 1912, New Mexico still maintains a large native Spanish-speaking…

  • LGBTQIA+ New Mexico


    LGBTQIA+ New Mexico

    Original article by Carolyn Carlson at The Paper. Dr. Jordan Biro Walters and Dr. PJ Sedillo are two college professors who researched and shared their writings about our unique New Mexican and Burqueño gender landscape. Queer New Mexico Biro Walters was born and raised in San Francisco and came to the University of New Mexico…

  • Taos Farmers Market


    Taos Farmers Market

    The PASEO Project sponsored a great event that focused on local Taos nonprofits. We were invited to share local community information about what we do and when our events will be. It was great to be out in the sun and with the fantastic people of Taos. The farmers market is a bustling place to…