Board of Directors

[member color=”#ffffff” name=”Katy Ballard” role=”President” img=”1341″]I moved to Taos in the summer of 2015 with my wife and daughter. I had the opportunity to walk with Taos Pride in the 4th of July parade in Seco. After that I was asked to help out with Pride. I had a lot of fun being a part of making it happen. In graduate school I did work based on queer theory and feminism. A big part of that was activism. Pride is a celebration of who we are but it is also a chance to educate as well as provide a safe place for anyone who feels marginalized. It is activist work at its basic core.[/member]
[member color=”#ffffff” name=”Enrico Trujillo” role=”Vice President” img=”1343″]Enrico Trujillo has been called a visionary, bon vivant, and waste of space. For years he has pursued the answers to life itself, but has wasted most of his time searching through other people’s Facebook timelines. As Vice President of Taos Pride, Enrico brings the knowledge he gained from his years as “sex-itary” of the organization. Now in a leadership position, he has thrust the weight of his slight frame towards the vision of celebrating diversity, equality and community.[/member]
[member color=”#ffffff” name=”Alexy Lathrop” role=”Treasurer” img=”1344″]Alexy Lathrop is an accountant by trade, an avid Trump Impeachment supporter, and a gold-star lesbian since 1989 that learned of her affinity for women at an early age, credit to Lara Croft’s side-boob, played by Angelina Jolie in BBC’s Tomb Raider (2001).  Her passions lie somewhere between the embodiment of the Taos Pride vision and a bow-tie.  Regardless, she is a commitment to uplifting our community by providing a platform to which all can be exactly who they are.[/member]
[member color=”#ffffff” name=”Cody Hooks” role=”Secretary” img=”1345″]Cody Hooks grew up in Arkansas and spent years trying to figure out his identity. First it was sorta gay, then really gay, then lumberdyke, then queer, and now we’re on desert fag. He no longer has a mustache, but is considering bringing it back in a big way for Pride 2019. Heroes include all the young queers in Northern New Mexico, James Baldwin, and Susan Sarandon in Rocky Horror Picture Show. He’s a kitten papa, lazy gardener, and a writer by trade.[/member]