Taos Pride is three days of gathering, sharing, and being visible in our community. We want to invite you to share in the events and become a part of our quirky and open family. We do things a little differently in Taos. Be ready for an experience that may take you to new places.

Thursday and Friday start things off with social gatherings and parties. Saturday morning we get everyone together for a parade through town. The main event happens Saturday with Pride in the Park. It is an afternoon of music, dance, performance and relaxing in the park with friends. Saturday night culminates in a blow-out drag performance near the plaza.

The goal of Taos Pride is to create a place for people to be themselves. We welcome people and organizations from any community that share these sorts of values. If you want to participate, organize or present at our events, please contact us with the form at the bottom of the page.


The Reasons You’ll Love It

Great Food

Taos has a ton of great restaurants. If you are on the plaza, check out Hero for super tasty sandwiches.

The Great Outdoors

If you have time during the day, it is always time well spent on the trails around Taos. You might find a hot spring or come across a new adventure.

Unique Accommodations

If you need a place to get away and want to be charmed by the local style there are several places worth checking out.

Party & Play

Each bar has a character that you probably can't find anywhere else. Spend a little time and enjoy some great local entertainment.

Art & Authenticity

Taos is an art colony that is thriving with classic and new talent. Spend an afternoon strolling through the galleries and the plaza. Don't miss the great work on display at the Harwood Museum either.

Music & Dance

If you are looking for music and want to spend a bit of time dancing, there are several places that you probably should check out.

Pride in the Park

Pride Parade

This will be the third year we parade through town. It is a small town affair. Look for a stream of old trucks, hot cars and a ton of colorful people walking the parade route from the County Courthouse to Kit Carson Park. If you want to participate, show up in the courthouse parking lot on Saturday and pitch in with the decoration. If you would rather watch, line the side of the street and cheer just before noon.

Plan your Visit

World Heritage Site

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Taos Pueblo

Photo Gallery

A few of the sights

Who Are We

What We Strive For

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Support We Need

Volunteers 95%
Board Members 89%
Communicators 97%
Organizers 90%

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